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The Elite Gymnastics Story

More than 40 years of active, fun-filled classes in Gymnastics, Mommy & Me, Cheerleading, Swimming, Rock Climbing, Combo Classes and our NEW NinjaZone® program.

Elite Gymnastics is dedicated to providing children of all ages and skill levels, the opportunity to gain new confidence through improved motor skills, socialization, creative expression, and hands-on experiences.

Our History

Founded in 1975, Elite offers a complete range of professionally supervised gymnastic classes for beginning to advanced students. Our programs—designed for children 3 months and up— include gymnastics, NinjaZone®, Mommy & Me Fitness program, swimming lessons, and Elite’s Peak, our rock-climbing wall.

Our Classes

All students enrolled in Elite's gymnastic classes will participate in a poster reward system, developed by Fun & Fitness Gymnastic Center. This system provides the student with rewards and incentives for learning new skills and also provides parents with a simple way to monitor their child's progress. In addition, Elite offers a wide range of classes designed especially for children 3 months to 6 years of age. These include our Mommy & Me Fitness program, swimming lessons, Lil' NinjaZone®and Elite's Peak, our rock climbing wall.

NinjaZone® is a combination of gymnastics, martial arts and obstacle course training. They learn how to tumble, kick and eventually learn stunt techniques (such as flipping off walls). The goal is to combine coordination from gymnastics, the discipline of martial arts, and the strength and agility from obstacle course training. It’s awesome for kids with energy. The class is fast paced—it begins with a running warm up and then students are taught skills.

There are three NinjaZone® levels. All Ninjas will start on the White level. Your child must be tested in order to advance to the 2nd level (Yellow) or the 3rd level (Green). A new headband is required for each level at the cost of $15. A T-shirt & Headband are required during every NinjaZone class. Order your child’s T-shirt and Headband ($32) at: TheNinjaZone.store or buy one at our front desk.

Our Facilities

Elite is located in our own customized gymnastic building with modern facilities which house the gym, mini gym, swimming pool, and art room. Our main gym features a loose-foam training pit, a 42' x 42' spring floor exercise area, and a 30' long Tumbl Trak. The apparatus in both gyms include balance beams, parallel bars, horses, trampolines, mini trampolines, rings, high bars, pommel horses, and uneven bars.

To learn about all our fun-friendly classes and schedules, just click the links. For more help, call us at 973 423-4040. We are here to answer your questions or to help you find the class that's just right.

Meet Our Staff

Michael Sellitto

Mike is the founder, owner & president of Elite Gymnastics. Started in 1975, the school opened with a gymnastics program. Years later, his school was the first to offer a TinyTots program—now, Mommy & Me. Over many years, the school grew by adding swimming, rock climbing and cheerleading programs. Recently, he added the NinjaZone® classes, a combination program of gymnastics and martial arts for highly-active boys & girls.


image of LizLiz, active in gymnastics for 26 years, is the manager at Elite. She competed for Elite Gymnastics & Ramapo High School. Along with working at Elite, she has been coaching at Ramapo Gymnastics for nine years. As a Lifeguard & CPR certified, Liz has been teaching swim classes for 12 years.


image of JackieJackie is the Assistant Office Manager & Gymnastics instructor for the past 18 years. Involved in gymnastics since age 7, she competed in division III Gymnastics for Montclair State University and continues to stay involved as a high school gymnastics official for 34 years.


image of NicoleNicole is the head JOGA coach. Starting her gymnastics career at Elite at age 3, she quickly became a part of the Elite team for over 10 years and rose to a level 8 in the USAG. Coaching for one year in USAG, Nicole moved on to JOGA, coaching for the past 8 years. She currently has 45 girls on her team with over 15 state championships. Nicole also judges JOGA gymnastics meets, high school competitions, and is the rules interpreter for North Jersey high schools.


image of MichelleMichelle M's long career as a coach at Elite spans more than 23 years. She is highly-qualified, involved in gymnastics since age 5 and competed with clubs for 5 years, and heads up our Mommy & Me Program. Michelle has managed five recreational programs, currently coaching at Ramapo High School for the past three years. Michelle is Lifeguard & CPR certified and has been teaching swimming for 20 years.

Staff Photo

staff photo at Gym Day eventOur staff during our 2017 Gymday event. Each one of our staff members bring dedicated professionals to the school—encouraging their students with fun-filled activities that help them grow and develop.